Make a statement with tradition.

Krane Home is a line of luxury handmade wallpapers, fabrics, and home accessories created from Sharon Lee's artwork inspired by her heritage as a Korean American artist.

The word Krane marries the crane in flight with Korean art. In homage to this elegant bird that symbolizes longevity, our designs modernize traditional Korean forms with a classic and timeless American aesthetic.


American design rooted in Korean heritage.

At the Krane Home studio in Los Angeles, our creative process always begins with a pencil and paintbrush and ends with the highest quality products handmade by artisans right here at home.

Korean American artist Sharon Lee takes each design through an imaginative process that involves hand-carved block printing, textural brushwork, and even mural sized artwork. Classic yet statement-making designs reinterpret traditional Korean art and forms from nature into vibrant works of art that elevate the meaning of home. The Krane Home aesthetic, informed by the artist’s heritage, is purely American.

With over 100 wallpapers and fabrics offered in the line, Krane Home textiles are the interior designer’s ultimate patterned palette, whether the client prefers design that ignites conversation or soft subtle textures.

Through our hand driven process, quality with beautiful character is our core mission. Each roll of wallpaper and yard of fabric is entirely unique. We only work with the best hand-screened printers in Los Angeles, our textile grounds produced and hand dyed in the US, and our linen cloths are created from flax fields in Belgium.

About the artist Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee, Founder of Krane Home, is a Korean-American fine artist and designer native to Los Angeles. The Krane Home studio is based in Santa Monica, CA.

While at UCLA art school, Sharon studied painting and photography with some of the world’s most celebrated artists. Working as a set designer after college, she decided to pursue a Masters of Interior Architecture from UCLA/Cal Poly. After graduating, she eventually became an interior designer at Michael S. Smith. Obtaining a first class design education at Smith’s offices, she made the decision to become a full-time fine artist and textile designer, combining all her training and knowledge.

Inspired by her mother and grandfather, both fine artists, Sharon modernizes traditional techniques with a signature process that involves hand-carving, block-printing, lacquer and gold leaf.

Sharon has exhibited her artwork at various venues, most notably the Korean Cultural Center, and at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii.

Sharon Lee and Krane Home products have been featured in publications such as House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Architectural Digest, LUXE Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, The Los Angeles Times, and The Korea Times.

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