Painting a Pair of Sarah Flint Shoes

I’ve been changing up by canvas lately by experimenting some concepts on a new canvas… SHOES! Ever since becoming a brand partner with Sarah Flint, my wheels have been turning on how to add pattern to shoes with leather paint and a paintbrush. My most recent painted Sarah Flints are the white Natalie flats. I painted a design I’ve been mulling over for years inspired by traditional Korean Bojagi or patchwork wrapping cloth. I posted a reels to our Instagram account to show the process. I finished the shoes with 24k gold leaf. I love painting shoes as it’s a fun medium that is not to be taken too seriously so I can let loose and have a little fun. As well as wear my paintings on my feet around town! Hope you love them as much as I’ve enjoyed styling them with bright colorful and happy outfits. XO Sharon 


ps. If you want a pair, they gave me a code for $50 off you’re welcome to use! SARAHFLINT-BASHARON