Woven Wallpaper in Iceberg

  • Hand-screened wallpaper
  • Substrate: clay coated paper
  • Width: 30″ (trims to 27″)
  • Vertical repeat: 3.4″
  • Horizontal repeat: 6.75"
  • Sold by the double roll (10 yards)
  • 2 double roll minimum 
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Ships within 3-5 weeks if not in stock.
Krane by Sharon Lee fine wallpapers are hand-screened with water-based ink on high quality clay coated ground. It is the work of craftsmen and is worthy of the maximum care and attention by a skilled professional paperhanger. Follow instructions carefully as complaints caused by failure due to inadequate hanging techniques cannot be accepted by the manufacturer.


Walls should be clean, dry, firm sound and neutral. If necessary, walls should also be lined. Emulsion or water painted surfaces: Any loose or flaking paint should be removed and the surface bound by using one coat of a proprietary oil based primer well thinned with white spirit. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours prior to hanging.


Gloss or Oil painted surfaces

Abrade using glass paper to provide a key. Best results will be obtained by cross lining using a fungicide protected paste. Allow to dry thoroughly. For porous surfaces: Size using a proprietary size or diluted recommended adhesive. Note any dampness must be corrected before application of this wallcovering.



Ready mixed adhesives are particularly suitable for this type of product. A clear, non-staining, ready-mixed adhesive is recommended.


Hanging checklist:
  1. Ensure rolls are undamaged. If rolls are damaged in shipping, inform the showroom immediately. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the showroom of product damaged in shipping before cutting and hanging as no claims can be entertained for any part of the order after cutting and hanging.
  2. Check rolls for correct pattern and color before hanging. It is the customer’s responsibility to check shading etc as no claims can be entertained for any part of the order after cutting or hanging.
  3. Ensure you have sufficient material to complete the job before cutting.
  4. Measure and cut the length required (allow extra for trimming and pattern matching). For patterns with a background, pattern must be cut on the screen in order to match. It is important to cut margins very straight so as to have perfect joints. They should be almost invisible. A good cutter is recommended.
  5. Care should be taken not to crease the paper when folded.
  6. Make a straight vertical line for positioning the first length, and always match the pattern at eye level.
  7. Always check which way up the paper is before hanging.
  8. Paste the back of the cut length thoroughly and evenly. Ensure particularly that the edges are well pasted. Do not use a wet sponge or water. Deep colored wallpapers may need their edges colored, with a slightly lighter tone of chalk or pastel to prevent white edges showing.
  9. Position the first length against the marked vertical line and smooth down gently with a paperhanger’s brush making certain to remove all air bubbles. Trim off excess material on top and bottom using paperhanger’s shears or a sharp knife and a straight edge.
  10. No paste should be allowed to come into contact with the surface of the paper. Surface needs to be wiped clean. If surface is not kept clean, the paste will compromise the inks over time, and we cannot be held liable. Hands should be kept clean and dry.
  11. Hang the subsequent lengths to match at the edge. Butt join if necessary. The edges may be gently finished off using a seam roller.
  12. Avoid excessive heat while the paper is drying.
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